Daycare for Dogs

We offer both full- and half-day stays for dogs in daycare. All dogs coming to The Barking Lot for daycare must first undergo a short trial to see if the dog would be happy in the daycare environment.

New Dog

  • Trial Day $32 (7/8am-12/1pm, up to 5hours)
  • 25% off first 10 Full Day Pass $330 OR
  • 20% off first 10 Half Day Pass $225

*discounted prices valid for new clients, must be purchased within first 2 visits or 1 month of trial date

Half Day (5 hours)

  • Casual $32 OR
  • 10 Trip Pass $280

Full Day

  • Casual $50 OR
  •  5 Trip Pass $220   /  10 Trip Pass $440

Unlimited Monthly Pass $700


Two Dogs

  • Half Day $51
  • Full Day $81   OR   5 trip pass $374

Unlimited Monthly Pass $1152


What is a trial day?

We like to meet you and your dog before we go any further, in order to see if your dog would be happy in the daycare environment and to see with which other dogs your pet would be happiest. You can read more about organising a trial date here.

What are these 10 and 5 Trip passes?

A 10 trip pass entitles your dog to 10 full or half days (up to 5hours) of daycare that can be used as needed over 12 months.


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