Petbrew 350ml


PetBrew is a high performance liquid probiotic feed supplement for pets.

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PetBrew is used to support your pets digestive system. This can enhance recovery from a range of gastrointestinal and immune system related disorders. Our customers report their pets have improvements to digestive upsets, and overall health and energy.

To administer Petbrew, you simply mix PetBrew into your pet’s food or syringe orally as per label instructions.

What is unique about PetBrew?

First and foremost, our probiotics are alive.

After researching the digestive system and optimal microbial balance for cats and dogs we came up with a recipe of bacterial strains that made a bacterial colony beneficial to optimising their health and microbial balance. We then created an effective delivery method that keeps the bacteria alive in a liquid product so that it is 100% effective.

We think there really is nothing else on the market like it, not just in New Zealand but in the world.

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